Looking After Your Piece

What do I do to take the best care of my Necklace for breakfast product?

A few simple steps will enable you to keep your necklace as beautiful and sparkling as the day you laid eyes on it:

  • Our necklaces are beautiful but delicate – avoid folding, pulling or picking at the piece.
  • Store in the box provided – we supply our necklaces in sturdy boxes lined with a soft cushioned insert to protect the necklace from any mechanical damage and help maintain its original lustre.
  • Keep away from excessive heat – Our pieces should be stored at room temperature. Place them away from direct sunlight during storage. Sunlight will increase the temperature and cause damage over time. Some metals and gemstones may even change colours as a result of excessive heat. So pop it in a cool, dark cupboard, when you aren’t wearing it.
  • Humidity can damage jewellery. Store our pieces in a dry area at all times. If you do spill liquids on to it, dry with a clean soft cotton cloth.
  • Do not keep different kinds of jewellery together – our pieces are made of various metals and should not be stored in the same compartment. Storing different types of jewellery together increases the chances of damage occurring from rubbing up against one another.
  • Finally, show it some love; be gently when wearing your pieces from Necklace for breakfast and don’t forget to tag us on Instagram/Facebook!